Anti-Fungal Nail Therapy

Yeast infections of the nails are typically the result of damage to the nail plates. The nails will have either a white, thin discoloration at the tip of the nail that starts to extend back towards the cuticle or may add a greenish-black color to the nail.

Critical Care Pharmacy will work with your doctor to compound a topical preparation that treats your condition with multiple ingredients. Using a combination of anti-fungal drugs in this manner may potentially reduce the duration of therapy, simplify administration and allow a reduction in the use of oral agents that may have systemic side effects.

Examples of some of the active ingredients we will compound, specific to your condition include:
Urea — Urea will degrade the protein in your nail, making it more porous and allowing the other anti-fungal agents to reach the site of infection.
Fluconazole — One of the most common and effective anti-fungal agents
Mometasone — A steroid used to reduce pain and inflammation
Tea Tree Oil — A natural product with anti-fungal properties

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